97 Years Old Man Celebrates 1 Year Marriage Anniversary At Angel TV With 21 Years Old Wife


Last year, a rare news went viral online after an old man who is in his late 90s married a 21-year old woman in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Obuasi. 

The aged man caused massive reactions and stir in Ghana after reported being the oldest man to ever marry a young lady. 

His wife who has been identified as Asabea claimed that upon all the young men in the world, she chose Agyaba, to be her husband due to how he helped her when everyone neglected her. 

According to her, after her boyfriend impregnated her, he claimed that baby is not his leaving her to go through the burden alone. 

But her now husband, helped her which made her to accept his marriage proposal without thinking twice as a gratitude.

However, it’s been a year now since they got married, in celebration of Father’s Day, the couple were invited to the Studio of Angel TV to celebrate Agyaba who is having 18 children.

According to the wife of Agyaba, he is a very good father who has made sure that each and every child of his makes it in life by taking care of them without leaving anybody out.

According to the couple, their marriage has been a good one with the mutual understanding between them and after one year of their marriage, everything has been successful for them.

Mrs Akua Asabea has revealed that she will be no more giving birth after being a mother 5. They started to live together for over 10-years before they got married officially.

Agyaba and his wife was made to dance in the studio of Angel TV as they celebrate their marriage Anniversary

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