A tiger as a pet? This woman has this big cat as a best friend: What happens will surprise you


When we still young, they used to teach us that pet animal are friendly animals that cannot cause harm to their owner. Growing up, we always believe Lion, Tiger are Wild Animal that cannot even be kept around human being, that they belong to the zoo.

But Nowadays, People have start having wild Animals as pet, and here is perfect example.

Who is the Woman,we are talking about, her name is Janice Haley, who is from Florida, Untied States Of American, rather than having Dogs or Cat as pets decided to have Tiger as pets. These tiger are not a small tiger but a big one. One of her tiger is male while the other is Female. She named the make Tiger Saber while the Female one janda.

Both of her tiger lives in her backyard.

She feeds the 2 Tigers raw meat daily, it is actually beautiful that they don’t harm her, since we know Tigers are wild animals. They are extremely friendly, they even act as if they are dogs, they are just adorable and she loves them.

See pictures below;

She used to treated them like, normal pet as you can see above, she used to play with them and fed them. Tiger cannot eat any leaves, they always eat flesh, the cost of feeding them will be high, because she shall only feed them with flesh, and they must not be hungry.

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