A white man captured urinating on the street of Nigeria – Video


We Africans always believe white people are disciplined which is why their countries are far developed than ours. This video shows opposite of our assumptions.

The white diplomat in the middle of the road, somewhere in Nigeria was urinating on the street without hesitation in video posted online.

Many people are asking if he’ll be able to act with such dispensation in his own country.

Well, I have a few questions we should try answering ourselves

1. Did he learn such an uncouth behaviour from the Nigerians? Because you can see some black man around him in the video.

2. Could he have done same in his country of origin?

3. Did he do it because he knew it’s not a crime in Nigeria?

4. Can Nigerians also do same in the diplomat’s country?

I think we should blame the man seen in the video with him.

Watch the video below

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