Afiba’s husband finally speaks, reveal more details


The husband of one of the missing girls who travelled to Aba to meet a man has for the first time spoken about his wife and the aftermath of the incident. Afiba, the Ghanaian girl amongst the two was married to a white man when she travelled to meet another man in Aba in Nigeria with her Nigerian friend, Celine.

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In a phone call interview, Afiba’s husband revealed since the incident happened, they’ve been on the case for weeks now and he believes Andrew, the millionaire is the mastermind behind all the information the public has been getting about the girls.

He said Darlington, the boyfriend to a friend of Afiba and Celine called Blessing has been calling him for money and pressured him to pay N2 million so he can hire a squad to take authorities to Aba to get custody of Andrew because the police in Aba were not helping.

Afiba’s husband further said that he tried so many times to get the help of Nigerian police but they kept telling him the girls were playing pranks on him because they have seen their social media posts which was a lie.

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He revealed during all that time, Andrew was with the police and he had his phone while in the cell. The police were lenient with him and he was “well fed, well groomed, well dressed and he was doing whatever he wants.”

He tagged Andrew as a psychopath and said everything happening has been scripted to make the public believe their lies and said they way his wife’s body was laid and shown in the videos, he knows that’s not how she lies down.

Speaking further, he questioned why their bodies were covered the way mermaids are covered in movies and said he is sure Andrew intentionally took those photos purposely to make the public see what he wants them to see and believe.

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Afiba’s husband said the authorities are intentionally delaying the investigations and dragging their feet and he has asked that this Darlington boyfriend of Afiba’s friend and that friend of the girls should be investigated because they’re both suspects.

According to him, Blessing run away from Port Harcourt to Abuja when she was invited by the police to go give her statement and also revealed the police stood outside Andrew’s home for so many hours and he threatened to sh00t himself if they broke into the house.

He said he knows the story they have put out there for the public is a made up story and he wants the real story to be told because Andrew is a criminal and has been doing this for a long time and he also wants Andrew’s neighbours to be questioned and stated that Andrew’s house is bulletproof because he (Andrew) knows what he is into and has always been prepared for a day like this.

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According to Afiba’s husband, whiles the girls were held hostage in Andrew’s home, Afiba was able to send him a video which showed someone seated comfortably on a chair and “you could see pieces of plastic broken on the ground which means some struggling was happening there.”

Afiba’s husband revealed after he received the video, he started sending a lot of messages to his wife and he never got a response but the messages were read. He said, “If that Andrew is saying they left his house, who was viewing my messages sent to my wife?”

He continued, “who was blueticking me, blueticking means viewed the message, read the message. He (Andrew) was viewing the messages and he was never replying the messages and that was until he was arrested on the 8th of May, that guy stopped viewing the messages.”

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“The day he was arrested he went offline forever. He had their phones and was trying to see what was going on, who is trying to reach out, he was trying to monitor. That guy is a psycho.”

About the police claiming they put Andrew in the car to recognise him, he said it is a lie because the car they put him in is a 2017 model which does not have facial recognition features.

In his concluding statement, Afiba’s husband said himself and the general public will like to see the dates the police are claiming Andrew has a conversation with the girls and told them he will pay them N1 million.

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Because according to Afiba’s husband, he says he believes during the time Andrew had the phones of the girls, he sent messages to himself via the girls phone and replied it himself on his own phone so if dates are provided, we will know if that conversation was really between Andrew and girls and not Andrew playing smart on us.

Watch and listen to him:

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