Akufo Addo and Buhari among The Most Paid President in Africa


-Business Insider reported that Cameroonian President Paul Biya tops the list of the most paid Africa President with 620,976 dollars annually

-Ghana’s Akufo Addo and Nigeria’s Buhari are part of the list of highest earning African President

-Museveni of Uganda and Ramaphosa of South Africa all made the list of the top 7 well paid President in Africa.

A report filed by DW-Africa on Facebook reveal Akufo Addo and Buhari as part of the most paid president of Africa.

In the post, the number 1 highly paid President in Africa is Cameroon’s President Paul Biya.

Biya have been in power for over 3 decades while Nigeria’s Buhari and Akufo Addo all made the list.

Even though the post never gave details of their actual earnings in the case case of Buhari, it’s reported Paul Biya takes 10times what he takes as Salary.

It’s one post which has seen several reactions judging from the poverty in Africa and how these leaders are always running to the west for loans and aids, it’s outrageous knowing how they are making as salaries.

What they make from corruption is not even captured.

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