“Ashanti men will not go for highly educated women” – Lady lament on men marrying less educated women more than highly educated women


Ghanaian media personality, Sally Mann has revealed men from the Ashanti region do not settle for highly educated women during her appearance on a show on GTV.

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They were discussing how tribalism and other statements promote education and self development and Sally took the floor and said this about Ashanti men.

According to her, a lot women who are highly educated are finding it hard to get husbands because it makes the men insecure.

To further explain her point on educated women not getting husbands and what that has to do with tribalism, she said usually it is Ashanti men who hate to be involved with highly educated women.

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She said, “Ashanti men will not go for that high standard kind of women. It’s the women who has gone to school a lot who find it hard to get men.”

One man who was also a guest on the show said the men are scared of such women and Sally chipped in and said, “That is it. Women are really causing a lot of problems and pretend to be vulnerable but we are not vulnerable.”

See the video below.

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