At least 6 people died, 30 injured as Kampala, Uganda capital set ablaze by suicide bombers


Suicide bombers hit Kampala, Uganda, killing three and injured over thirty, authorities say.

Three assailants on motorcycles detonated near the city’s police headquarters.

The death toll is sure to grow as bodies are strewn throughout the streets.

Officials blamed the attacks on the ADF, a Congolese armed group.

The attacks were three minutes apart. Officials say more devices have been found across town.

“The bomb threats are constantly coming,” said police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

“We suspect there are more members of these domestic terror cells, especially the ADF’s suicide bomb squad.”

Police said a fourth attacker was captured and an explosive vest found.

Two cops died. The bombings also injured 33 others, five gravely.

Following the attacks, parliament was adjourned and MPs were warned not to enter.

The explosion outside the police station broke windows and set fire to cars parked near the parliament.

“A huge boom like a gun went off. The ground shook, my ears rang “Reuters quoted Peter Olupot, a bank security who witnessed the attack near parliament.

In a statement, the ADF claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The organisation started in the late 1990s to oppose President Yoweri Museveni. In recent years, the Islamic State organization has claimed its attacks.

The ADF claimed responsibility for a recent pub attack in Kampala that killed a 20-year-old waitress.

Ugandan troops are fighting al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda-linked insurgent group, in Somalia.

Domestic militancy and global extremism are now endangering Uganda’s security.

IS has co-opted the ADF in recent years, and this is their biggest strike in Uganda since joining forces.

The ADF is also known as the IS Central Africa Province. The same name is used by an Islamist insurgency in Mozambique.

The extremists are well-versed in the area and can fit in. IS aids them in their propaganda effort and gives them a new mission.

Region-wide intelligence and security organizations will need to collaborate more closely, and the people will need to be more alert.

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