At What Age Did Lerato Moloi Divorce Her Husband and How Is She Coping Now.


Lerato Moloi is a 36 years old popular South African model who has solidified her name in the fashion and modeling industry.

As a successful fashionista and model, her success career did not manifest in her marital life.

This article will explore to you about the beautiful Lerato Moloi, her marriage and divorce and how she has achieved a successful modeling career.

Lerato’s Marriage And Divorce.

Lerato Moloi married at the age of 25 years to her longtime high school lover, Sibusiso Hlatshwayo in 2010.

Sibusiso Hlatshwayo is a businessman and they had a child together in 2010.

Contrary to the believe that when you marry your longtime lover, the marriage last forever, they got divorced just a year after marriage.

Meanwhile, they have been each others lover for so many years since high school.

According to Lerato, their collapse of marriage was based on irreconcilable differences.

For so many years of being together, they never realised they do not have interest in similar things until they got married.

The Successful Career of Lerato Moloi Despite Her Failed Marriage.

Lerato Moloi is a model, actress, television producer and entrepreneur.

She was born to Sarai Moloi who worked as a nurse in the United Kingdom.

Lerato developed interest in becoming a phycologist at a young age.

However, her mother assumed her daughter’s beauty could be pointing towards modeling, thus playing a role in her career choice as a model.

She was in grade 12 when her mother enrolled her in beauty pageant, Face of Africa competition in 1999.

Lerato contested all the way to the final four in the competition.

How She Became The First Black Model For Elizabeth Arden Cosmetic Brand.

Lerato’s career as a model commenced as early age as 17 years when she had her first professional appearance in Elle Magazine.

A New York modeling agency asked her to loose weight before allowing her to continue her career.

Such acclamation sparked a lot of controversies that led to international debate concerning the use of underweight models.

In 2009, Lerato became the first black face of the popular Elizabeth Arden Cosmetic Brand.

Lerato’s Arrest After Claiming To Have Been Raped By ‘Tol Ass Mo’.

Lerato Moloi shocked everyone in 2020 with a tweet claiming to had been raped by To Ass Mo in 2014 while working in a television production together at Paarl, Western Cape.

The Comedian, ‘To Ass Mo’ felt intimated as he called for the arrest of Lerato for defamation and false accusation.

However, Lerato vowed not to stay silent despite facing the law for her claims.

She was able to gather netizens on social media to support her fight for justice against her alleged rapist.

Lerato’s Relationship Affairs So Far.

After her failed marriage, Lerato has not introduced any man to her fans as her lover, unless she is in a relationship but hasn’t disclosed it yet.

However, it is suggested that she may still be healing mentally and emotionally from her failed marriage and her rape allegations against To Ass Mo.

Hoping to see her recover and find a new love.

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