BBN Angel recounts Her Encounter with Dorathy in Her Neighborhood


Reality TV star Angel Smith was in awe after she found out one of her Ex-housemate, Dorathy Bachor, is also her neighbor.

The reality TV star took to her Instagram story to share a screenshot of Dorathy waving at her. Angel was quick to capture the moment and then she uploaded it on her page.

Her words;

“Just found out Dorathy is my neighbor”

Dorathy also responded to the post, saying;

“Big trouble for estate party every weekend.’

In other News Former presidential aide cum author Reno Omokri has befittingly replied to a man who requested his daughter’s Instagram (IG) handle.

The renowned activist had taken to his Instagram page to share a cute photo of himself and his daughter while gushing over their striking semblance.

Sharing the photo, he wrote:

“My daughters are just too fine! Especially my lookalike daughter that I vomited.”

However, a follower took to the comment section to extol Reno’s daughter’s beauty while asking that he shares her Instagram handle with him.

Responding to this, Reno Omokri dedicated another IG post for the follower where he addressed the issue.

According to the former presidential aide, his daughter IG handle is:


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