“Beautiful angel”- Baby with hairy face trends


A baby with hairy face has become a topic of interest on TikTok after a video of her with parents gone viral.

The little angel was seen in the hands of her father and she was spotted eating.


Their video has gone massive attention on TikTok with over 1.9 million likes and over 52,000 comments.

The baby is suffering from what we called Hypertrichosis.

Watch the video below;

See some reactions below;

@AKAME SHIGIRAKI: “such a beautiful child🥰”

@debby blinks ❣️💧: “It was my baby every day we will shave everyday”

@Natasha Waetford: “this is actually the cutest hairy baby I have seen 🥺🥰”

@blessmo.archives: “imagine seeing her at night when you’re drunk”

@F.Asyikin: “i dont know wht people see . but i See a beautiful angel here.”

@Perpeti: “Is there a treatment to stop the hair growth ????”

@SickMunkey: “Does laser hair removal work for this? As an adult?”