“What is wrong with direct breastfeeding nowdays” – Mother busted over feeding toddler with bottle


A Mother is busted over feeding a newborn toddler with bottle instead of breastfeeding the baby.

In a video posted by Kameron and Naomi, a newborn toddler was seen crying at night and getting the parents tired as they were having sleepless nights.


If the mother carries the crying baby small, the father will also take over.

In the comments, many people were questioning busting the mother for failing to Breastfeed the newborn toddler instead of using bottles.

According to some people in the comments, breastfeeding the baby will make them bond better.

Watch the video below;

See some reactions below;

@nonoz1216: “what is wrong with direct breastfeeding now days?”

@Tulsimama: “A dark room helps to stimulate the production of melatonin. Turn off the lights.”

@Shawnzey_stormi: “Breastfeed the baby at nights instead of giving her the bottle, help he to relax and bond with you better.”

@Lone Billionaire 🍑: “Does she sets the ring light and phone, then goes back to bed to record all these or she has the phone recording all night???? I need answers!!!”

@Sandra or sandy: “Don’t know how am going to do my having a 3 year old a 10 months old and twins coming January 😩”

@Fellzindie: “Prep baby bottles before bed, get a bottle warmer, feed the baby burp the baby and put him down to sleep . Keep the lights off. Partners takes shift”

@user6272082577294: “Is it that mothers can’t breastfeed their babies directly anymore”