Blogger Bongo got a 500 dollars monthly job offer after being fired from his current job


CEO of loud silence media known as Kelvin Taylor required to employ Journalist Albert who is also known as Bongo as a permanent entertainment editor and he is offering him a 500 dollars monthly.

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A statement released by Ghbase owner, Chris yesterday explaining his decision to fire Albert says;

“I believe in second chances and all my writers including Albert knows it.

In September I tracked the performance of writers and noticed about 3 of them didn’t meet the monthly targets.

So to ensure they meet the targets, I decided to pay them based on the number of stories they were able to produce.

In October also I noticed 2 writers didn’t meet the threshold, I was going to pay them based on the number of stories they’ve produced but upon second thoughts, I decided to give them their full salary and forfeit any bonuses they had won.

Now Albert was one of the two writers.

I felt perhaps he couldn’t handle the number of stories a day been given to him, so I told him, I would reduce the stories he would do a day, so he can meet targets and that means a reduction in salary.

He pleaded that I give him November to prove his worth again and gave reasons why he had been underperforming.

I agreed and said it’s a challenge then, if you don’t meet the targets again, you will be laid off.

Now yesterday I saw the first of Sheldon’s screenshot of him contacting him on September 29th—I assumed he must have been angry when his salary was cut, so didn’t want to take action on it.

Then I saw him another screenshot of a message he sent him again on October 29th telling him how serious he was and that he wanted to make a move.

Note this, I didn’t sack him because he was looking for other opportunities, but the fact that he was making me feel stupid by asking for a second chance with an intention to leave the moment Sheldon takes him at a time he wasn’t meeting thresholds.

He had been planning to leave Ghbase already, considering that he messaged Sheldon again on 29th October same month he still under-performed and had asked for one last chance in November from me.

I don’t know how much blogs pay for writers in Ghana but I am confident I have one of the best rates in the country for a work at home job.

We learn from our mistakes and become better. Whether he starts his own platform or gets hired by another, I pray he succeeds. (TV3 sacked Nana Aba but they are both doing fine or? And CNN also fired Piers Morgan but Piers is good, CNN is also good )

Salaries at Ghbase start at Ghc1,000 to Ghc2,000 a month with bonuses ranging from Ghc100-Ghc600.

And we don’t treat the job as full time, because some have their shift in the morning, afternoon or evening so you can do any side gig you want even if it involves writing for another blog but most importantly you have to meet your thresholds.

We have an office space for writers as well but it’s optional to be there.”

Below was what Kelvin Taylor said about the incident as his team are busily looking for Albert to employ him.

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