Bridget Otoo warn Ghanaians not to drag NDC in their campaign against the system


In the wake of Ghanaians uniting to make their feelings known to Government, Former TV3 presenter Bridget Otoo isn’t taking any trash talk against NDC in the process.

The current protest is one that is out of any political agenda as thousands of the youths strongly believes there’s no difference between the two political heavyweights NDC and NPP.

With this they feel tired of both parties and just want to witness some level of development irrespective of which party will do it but Bridget Otoo is also of the view her party NDC has done better than their rival and needs no form of criticism.

“I’m tired of seeing NPP and NDC! it’s NPP Say it with your chest” she noted

Bridget doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to NDC activist, in fact she has already established herself as one of the most feared person on social media due to her aggressive reply to people and calling out the President in some controversial manner.

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