Build A School For The National Chief Imam To Teach Politicians; Captain Smart Makes Bold Statement


National Chief Imam Is An Epitome Of Leadership

The Country Must Build A School For Him To Teach Leadership

Politicians Must Go To Him To Learn

Leadership is unique, Leadership qualities are exceptional but it seems Ghana as a country is suffering from leadership crisis.

Captain Smart morning show host on Onua FM and current CEO of Smart TV has commended the National Chief Imam Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubuthu and entreated Politicians to learn from him.

In a live Facebook program, the Renowned journalist opined that he is not against leaders of the country but he is for change of Leadership. That implies he is seeking for a change in lifestyle of leaders in the country.

He asserted that many are of the opinion that Islam sidelines and relegate women to the background but this is not true considering what the chief Imam did.

He narrated the story of how the chief Imam gave his chair to a Lady with her husband who visited him. This, he commended and said its worthy of emulation.

The country must build a school for him the chief imam to teach politicians what Leadership is.

You can watch the full video below

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