Captain Smart put Christians and their prayers in the mud; “None of the Christian prayers has constructed a kilometer of road for the state”


– Celebrated Ghanaian TV host, Captain Smart fires shots at Christians

– He accused Them of praying out loud without it bringing any benefit to the country.

Captain was alleged to have been suspended from Angel Broadcasting Network as a result of his constant Criticisms on his show but he just won’t stop what he loves doing anytime soon.

When we all thought his agenda is set against only irresponsible leaders in the country, he has taken the heat to Christians accusing them if not using their constant prayers to construct a single kilometer of Road to benefit citizens.


The Christian community is known for their powerful prayers and some churches have taken that to another level. In fact you will find it difficult to even dose off if you found yourself residing around this churches who stay all nights with loud prayers.

His latest post as expected has drawn massive reactions in his comments section with many reminding him of the moment he carried a bag of cement to support the nation’s project of building a national Cathedral.

“Very true paaaa. But you carried cement for the construction of a cathedral which ultimately will be used for the same prayers..????

“Then pls apologize to Ghanaian youths for carrying cement to build cathedral to be use for the same prayers instead of constructing industries for employment”

“And you foolishly carried a cement to build a cathedral to hold prayers?

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