“Church of Pentecost does not owe anyone any explanation for what they do with their offering and tithe” Saddick Adams


Angel TV sports show host, Saddick Adams well known as the Sports Obama has hit back at people criticizing the church of Pentecost.

The Popular church has been under heated attacks from some Section of Ghanaians who following their handing over of am ultra modern Prison to government funded by the church.

According to their critics, there are other important needs that are above building of a prison that is meant for evil doers but the sports journalist doesn’t buy into such idea.

Obama made it clear that the christian organization does not need to consult anyone outside the church to arrive at any decision concerning what to do with moneys they generate.

“The church of Pentecost does NOT owe anyone, outside the Church, any explanation for what they do with their offering and tithe” he wrote

Saddick Adams also argued that if anyone feel the need to prioritize building of Schools and hospitals ahead of the prison the church built then that should be something government should be responsible for and not attacking a church that has contributed their quota to our development.

“If you think schools and hospitals are important than a prison, look your government in the face and demand that.” He added

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