Concerned citizens finds a smart way to put off fire outbreak as the fire service was not responding.


-There was a serious fire outbreak in Ashaley Botwe as residents looked for a smart solution to quench the fire.

-According to them, the fire station at their residence were not responding to their calls.

This sad incidence was reported by a Ghanaian blogger, Kobby Kyei, on his Instagram page.

In the video, there was a severe outbreak of fire in a building suggested to be somebody’s house.

With an attempt to quench the fire, some of the residents connected a big pipe line to poly tanks in car as they sprayed the water to the house on fire to put it off.

A guy was seen in the video calling the fire service as he said they are not responding to the call.

This is said to had happened around the integrity school at Ashaley Botwe in the Greater Accra.

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