Fella Makafui rushed to the hospital after Collaps!ng at work


Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui has come out with some [email protected] revelations that got fans worried.

The actress revealed she was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon despite arriving at work without any sign of unhealthiness.

The Actress didn’t even know how it happened but the good news is that she woke up today feeling very well and healthy.

I saw my life flashed before my eyes yesterday !! The whole thing happened fast and if it was the opposite i think that would’ve been it !! Went to work healthy and was rushed to the hospital in the afternoon.I woke up today grateful for life and most importantly learnt to” she wrote in a tweet

In another tweet, Fella admits she needs to put lot’s of things aside and focus on her health first while sending same advice to Her million follower.

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