Find Out Killer Kau’s Real Name, Age And Who His Girlfriend Is.


Sakhile Hlatshwayo, popularly known as Killer Kau is a 23 years old South African musician who was welcomed into the music scene in 2017 after the blow up of his debut song, ‘Tholukuthi Hei’.

The success of his song made him a basic point of interest for many girls, unluckily for them, the cute young man is already taken by a lady.

Quick Summary Of Killer Kau.

Real name: Sakhile Hlatshwayo.

Stage name: Killer Kau.

Age: 23 Years Old.

Year of Birth: 1998.

Place of Birth: Soweto, South Africa.

Nationality: South African.

Relationship status: Dating.

Occupation: Singer, Dancer and Record Producer.

Record Label: Feel Good Music.

Killer Kau’s Rise To Fame.

Killer Kau’s story is an inspiration to many youths who are willing to achieve something great in life. The young boy was a church boy who grew up in church and was a member of the choir.

While in secondary school, Killer made a silly video of himself and his friends playing around with one of his songs and shared it on his Whatsapp status.

After his contact lists have watched it, they liked it and requested for the full song. Thanks be to his Whatsapp status viewers, they shared it and it went viral across the whole of South Africa.

In less than 24 hrs after his video went viral, DJ Euphonik linked up with Killer Kau and Mbali Sikwane and produced the song that came to be known as ‘Tholukuti Hey’, which became a major hit and brought fame to Killer Kau.

Killer Kau Is In A Relationship With An Older Lady.

When Killer Kau got fame in high school somewhere in 2017, his girlfriend was already in her final year in the university.

You can clearly imagine the age difference even though the real age of his girlfriend is not known yet. It can be estimated to be five years difference.

According to the young musician, he loves his girlfriend and trust her so much despite the age difference.

They’ve been in a relationship for close to nine years and he tries to keep the identity and information about her lover private.

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