Fix the country campaigners are all educated ‘Fools’; Shatta wale boldly state


Ghanaian dancehall musician Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known as shatta wale has used some strong words against fix the country campaigners

The fix the country campaigners are a bunch of concerned Ghanaians constantly making it known through social media platforms to the government of the current economic hardship.

It started few months ago and this movement is a spontaneous one considering the number of Ghanaians who have participated in it and the alacrity by all to see transformation.

Musicians, footballers, philanthropists, politicians, entrepreneurs, social activist and many other Ghanaians have joined to protest the harsh economic conditions.

Their actions have been met with stiff opposition by the security agencies who don’t want them to demonstrate or even to pin point the failures of the government.

For this reason, anybody seen or caught is threatened by groups loyal to a political party. Others have been killed like Kaaka and just yesterday two note souls have been lost.

We had huge numbers at stadium on Kotoko Hearts match which is an enclosed place and more risk of spreading covid, so why can’t Gh police allow #FixTheCountry Demonstrators to do their demo so we can have more time to focus on government’s business.

All these beatings and shootings we hearing is putting govt in bad picture than the demonstration could do.

Fast forward today, in a series of Facebook post shatta wale has come out to lambast the organisers and activists involved and he has described them as fools who don’t have anything doing.

This has received huge reactions from Ghanaians who have stated that he shatta wale thinks he has the right senses to insult the campaigners, a celebrity that doesn’t show the youth anything but how to insult and create beef, a celebrity that goes on rampage and beat road contractors, you are in bed with the politicians both parties.

So that is where you get your money from, you will never support the ghetto youths you claim you stand for!! 
Don’t look up to every celebrity. Sometimes What is famous is rarely wise. Trust me, this dude is one of the most hypocritical celebrities we have in this country. Including Samini, Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.

They have been paid to keep their mouths shut on national issues. Over to those who call themselves the hardcore fan of these celebrities by buying their merchandise and paying huge sums of money to attend their shows.

Fortunately, Shatta Wele has made very useful of his God given talent and he’s now wealthy, but, unfortunately, he’s an unprincipled ignorant talkative.

Below is his post on Facebook

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