Fraud is not hustle, You are a Thief


Nigerian actress and celebrity Georgina Onuoha has said using foul means to make quick money cannot be hustle.

The actress took to her Instagram to say that Until we begin to differentiate between ill gotten wealth and actual wealth built on integrity, we will continue to be our own worst nightmare.

Nigeria have had its own bad name when it come to internet fraud aka Yahoo. Even though Government is doing its best in dealing with the menace the situation keeps getting worse.

Ghana in the other hand is also have same problem with the youth fixated in getting quick money.

Georgina In her post added that “There is respect and dignity in labor that you built and worked for with honesty and truthfulness.
Stop worshiping criminals stealing money meant to build roads, hospitals, schools, clean water, electricity and basic infrastructure in your communities and country.”

Her Post is captured below

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