Generous Man on Pension cooks 50 plates of rice & chicken every week, feeds random people on the street


Kindness bit by bit would eventually make the world a peaceful home for everyone and an Irish Man is doing his bit by making sure the less privileged and homeless have something to eat.

A very kind man, Brian Birkett, has been dedicating his time and energy to ensuring that homeless people do not go hungry.

Every week, the man who lives on a pension cooks 50 plates of food and takes them out to people on the street. The meal always contains rice, fries, and chicken, Understanding Compassion reports.

The meal he prepares is an Irish food popularly called 4-in-1. Apart from paying for the meal from his own pocket, he also volunteers with an NGO, A Lending Hand, which works towards the welfare of people, Irish Central reports.

Another volunteer of the NGO, Keira, said that the outfit is committed to ensuring homeless people do not go hungry.

It should be noted that Brian was already trained by an Indian chef to ensure that the food he cooks from home is always tasty.

People being homeless and not having enough to feed on didn’t start now, but the whole menace came to the attention of the public during the peak of the Covid.

Manchester United winger Marcus Rashford has led charge of feeding dozens of children in the Uk.

These are some refreshing news, which deserves commendation.

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