Ghanaian Man reacts after his wife finds herself a new man while pregnant for him


Funnyface has reacted to the news of his ex-wife, Vanessa having an affair when she was pregnant with their second born.

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In a series of social media posts, the comedian revealed he has all the evidences to prove Vanessa was having an affair with this man when she was three months pregnant with Funnyface’s child.

Funnyface went on to reveal the guy dumped her after sleeping with her and he may tell the world why. Even that, he still keeps coming back to her to get a chance to see his kids but to no avail.

Due to this, Funnyface says he is going to bring all the evidences videos and messages between Vanessa and this guy even though he still loves her a lot.

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He wrote, “🙏🏾🔥 “ GYE NYAME “ 🙏🏾🔥 AMA the day I will start to bring video and chart message evidence between you dis guy .. da world will shock .. da truth is .. you did not meet him at 8 months .. dis guy started F**king you .. when you were 3 months pregnant till you Delivered baby kimberlyn..”

“Should I tell da world the real truth why .. He also dumped you ? Hmmm .. in all dis .. I still come back to you to beg and plead with you just let me talk to the children you said no .. EVIDENCE. cHARTs , VIDEOS .. coming soon !! If you want me to go down .. Ama I will gladly invite you to the party !! Let’s do dis .. you know I love you and it’s for life 🙏🏾❤️🎉 but let’s make some things clear small to the world .. Watch dis space .. I WILL BE BACK !!!”

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Ghanaian Man reacts after his wife finds herself a new man while pregnant for him