Government collect taxes and we don’t know what they use it for, politicians are blinded by power; Afia Pokua jabs


Afia Pokua vim lady has castigated government on what it’s uses tax payers monies for

It seems the economic situation in the country is deteriorating by the day. This worsening economic condition has really affected a lot of Ghanaians including journalists who deemed this government ruling as causing hardship.

Unfortunately, you can’t talk about the ineptitude and sluggishness with which this economy is being managed, without young NPP/NDC followers coming out to insult you. The majority of Ghanaians have more loyalty for their various parties than Ghana.

They select leaders based on their ethnic and religious affiliations instead of competence. They ain’t ready to change irrespective of how bad those parties (NPP & NDC) would perform.
The above are some of the main reasons why politicians have taken us for granted.

We’re living in a country which lacks a plan. Morocco set vision 2030 few years ago to become the most developed African country. What of Ghana?
Change of mentality is needed to help mother Ghana to develop.

Afia Pokua popularly known as vim lady has shared her sentiment on her Facebook wall. She wrote “it’s sad to see a government Collect taxes from all Ghanaians yet cannot explain how these taxes is used to pay three independent power producers (IPP) and judgment debt.”

“They speak to one station and assume all understand. Politicians are all blinded by power. We have the men.”

Her write up clearly indicates that we are in difficult times. This however received some huge reactions from her followers expressing divers views.

Some posited that If government officials are to go about speaking on TV /radio stations all the time, how do they lead to fix the country as we want them to be? There are thousands of TV/radio stations in Ghana. That old tradition where we bypass institutional structures and force officials to  communicate to people when they are supposed to be doing office work in their  institutions in the name of protocols, links etc must be discouraged.

The rots under this NPP- Nana Addo government especially the second terms are very huge and the media can not defend it.
The more the media tries, the more the rots.

Others admonished the journalist not to share blame madam, if a particular government is failing say it as it is, all the political parties have failed Ghana but try to call any government for underperforming and stop saying “politicians” be specific since we have people in leadership in this country and they are paid from our monies.

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