Guy buys Mercedes Benz for his long-time girlfriend who reasoned with him when he was broke.


-Young Nigerian guy warms hearts of many as he buys a new Mercedes Benz for his longtime girlfriend who remained loyal to him when he had nothing.

The love for flashy things is making a lot of ladies of today looses the man they are destined to be their life partner and soul mate forever.

A young unidentified guy has gone beyond imagination to appreciate his long-time girlfriend who stood by him in times of difficulties.

A guy identified on twitter as ‘@wunna147’ shared this as he reported this grateful young man, gifted his girlfriend of four years a Mercedes Benz on her birthday, which they celebrated on Thursday, 10th June, 2021.

According to the reporter, the guy was once broke and had nothing to cater for himself or his said girl, which in our present days, most ladies will betray you and go for who would be ready to spend on her.

This guy also remained grateful and loyal to the girlfriend unlike most guys who betrays their love ones when they get money.

Long story short, he surprised his girlfriend with a Mercedes Benz on her birthday.

Here are screenshots of the guy’s post on twitter:

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