Guy tells his story of how a lady placed him on almost $600 monthly salary to pose as her husband for eight years under tight restrictions.


A guy has revealed that a woman with whom he had an eight-year contract to pretend to be her husband wants them to marry legally so they may come off the facade and walk shoulder to shoulder.

The 36-year-old guy revealed that the lady was being pressured by her wealthy relatives to marry and that she was unable to stand up to the ‘harassment,’ so she made an agreement with him to be her husband for the next eight years.

He claimed he got paid $600 monthly for the time he will be serving as her husband, with the condition that he never cheats on her, take care of all household tasks, and never come to claim the children once the contract expires.

Read the story below:

“I was 36 years old when I received this offer from a woman. She said that she was looking for a man who would be her spouse for the next eight years. Her mother was nagging her to get married. For the time that I will be posing as her spouse, she has paid me a salary of almost 600 dollars. She offered me rules and conditions that included worshiping her, doing housework, and never cheating on her. She said that she would utilize her period to start a family and that she wanted a guy who was deserving of becoming a father to impregnate her. She will pay me 5 million when the contract expires, and she will not return to collect the children under any circumstances.

I agreed since life was tough and I really needed money. My contract was set to end in December 2020, and I assumed she had already fallen in love. We now have four children. There are three girls and one boy. | I now consider them my family, and I’m already over heels in love with my wife.

She is a wonderful lady, and our eight years together have been the greatest of my life. I’ve pleaded with her to rethink, but she’s the kind of stoic who craves independence. She expressed her dissatisfaction with my d*ck and the fact that we are still together. She wants the freedom to do anything she wants.

Guys are already flocking to her, but she wants to dissolve whatever we have together first. I can’t inform any of my family since she made me swear that it would just be between the two of us. Now she wants me to kick her out, and she says I shouldn’t accept if her family comes begging. Her mother will not be concerned so that it seems as though her husband became weary and chose to stop working.

Please take care of the home. I don’t want to abandon her. Assist me in pleading with her. I’m considering informing her mother. She has a great deal of respect for her mother, and she is obligated to follow her mother’s wishes. However, I took an oath not to tell the truth. Your newborn son is in pain, Cynthia. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and my children as one family.

Even though she was created, Cynthia is the greatest thing any guy can have. I agreed to do housework, but Mom never let me. We had housekeepers, yet she insisted on preparing my meals personally. If she sees me cooking, she’ll take over and tell me it’s her wifely responsibility.

She assisted me in obtaining a job, which I have had since then and for which I am well compensated. Cynthia has continued to pay me her own income. I’ll refuse to take it, she’ll transfer it to my account, I’ll transfer it back to her, and she’ll still send it to me.

She constantly claims that she’s doing it to keep her end of the agreement. I give her presents and take her shopping; she will return the money to me in style, claiming she understands the game I’m playing. Please let me look after you, Cynthia. I don’t need another penny from you. Allow me to lavish you with all I possess. We’ll give you all I’ve got. As a pair, we’ve never had many problems.

She believes it was because of my commitment that I didn’t cheat. That isn’t the case. What am I going to do with another lady when I already have the best? I’m willing to propose to you and remarry you if it means proposing to you and remarrying you. Allow me to be your lifelong spouse this time.

I’m now a rich guy who can look after you. I’m in pain. I’m not going to let you go. I am now passionately in love with you, not because of what I am receiving from you. If you leave, I’m going to murder myself. I’m perplexed right now, and I need your help.”


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