Hilarious Video Of A Ghanaian Mother Going On A Test Flight With Her Pilot Son, She Almost Freaked Out.


A newly trained private Pilot takes his Ghanaian mother on a test flight as she hilariously freaked out in the air.

It is the dream of every parent to live and witness the success of their children.

However, in the case of raising a child to grow up and become a Pilot, one of the most honoured and well paid careers recently, brings an endless joy in one’s life as a parent.

Such scenario is what we’ve come across in a new video making waves on social media.

The new Pilot, identified in the video as ‘Akwasi’, just got his Private Pilot License (PPL) and decided to make his mother proud by taking her to the air for a test flight.

The interesting part of this video is that, his mother had no idea her son was going to be her Pilot for that moment.

All she knew was to have her flying experience as a late birthday present.

The rest is heartwarming and at the same time rib cracking that comes with mixed feelings.

She requested to drop down from the aircraft, but was convinced by her highly self-esteem Pilot son after he showed her his license which his mother requested to see.

When taken to the air, the proud mother almost freaked out at the beginning but was later overwhelmed as she started taking pictures and videos with her son.

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