I am the king maker of Ghana, You can’t be president if you dare snub me: Spiritual guru Owusu Bempah warns


Every child of God must learn through the spirit of God to examine what is given to you in the prophetic (Read 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22) To examine is to inspect something thoroughly in order to determine its nature, condition or origin.

There will always be things to consider:
(a) Fake/False prophecy
(b) Prophecy that comes from God but with the flavour (part or nature) of man.

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Prayer comes handy in verifying whether a prophecy is to be accepted or not. Children of God who do not pray are always likely to fall in the trap of the enemy. Learn to pray. Learn to seek God, God will reveal it to you (Read John 16:13)

Reverend Owusu Bempah, the self acclaimed spiritual guru has posited that he is the mouthpiece of God hence the kingmaker of Ghana. In a sermon to his church members,

say that he is the sole man of God who has been entrusted with election-related predictions. 

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The spiritual word revealer clarified that his name was prophesized in South Africa that he is the Pastor who can help Africa’s destiny. During his speech, below were some of his utterances;

“It indicates that God has raised a certain name in this country. People sometimes think I’m bragging when I state certain things. Nobody can run this country or become the President without tying himself to me, I swear to God. If you bypass me, you can never win the race. You can choose whether or not to trust it. He continued, “I know the person God has made me, and I speak in humility

Source: cbgist.com

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