I Have Not Been Paid A Cent; Lady who featured on Jerusalema Cries Out


As a music lover, you might have heard or even danced to the South African Gospel song “Jerusalema” which originally is for Master KG and female Singer Nomcebo Zikode.

The song was a global hit track throughout last year, 2020 and still topping charts around the world. It was 3x Platinum in Italy (210,000 sales), 2x Platinum in Spain(80,000), 3x Platinum in Switzerland(60,000) and Platinum in Belgium(40,000).

It was #1 in Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Holland, South Africa and Switzerland. It was number 1 on US Digital sales. Euro digital songs and #9 on Canadian Digital Songs.

However the lady who did the chorus is alleging she has not received a cent after the song became a global hit song.

The song currently has over 421 million views on YouTube alone.

Nomcebo Zikode is however grateful for these numbers from the huge success of the song but she is not entirely happy with how things have gone.

In a message she posted on her Twitter page, the singer expressed her gratitude to the world for helping her music transcend globally and thriving on various continents and platforms.

She continued with the shocking revelation that the record label which she worked with in producing “Jerusalema” has not paid her “a single cent” after the gains she has made with the track. She revealed that her lawyers have taken up the matter and are handling it.

She took to Twitter to reveal this with her followers

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