I Saw Pastors And Politicians In Hell; Prophetess Who Died For Three Days Reveal Details And Mention Names


Believers are admonished to be watchful and pray because the end time is near. Many considers the messages of repentance and the end time as a hoax since they don’t believe in God. Christians are encouraged to lead exemplary lives for others to emulate.

A prophetess who claims to have died for three days in a hospital at Odorkor has made a serious revelation and cautioned Christians to live by the doctrine of Christ.

Speaking in a live studio discussion, the prophetess claimed that her father who was also a pastor ordered the mother to abort her but the mom refused.

She refused due to an earlier warning by an angel who forewarned her not to terminate the pregnancy. She was sitting under a tree when and angel who was holding a bible in her hands descended prophesized that her child will be a great person who will preach the word of God.

Her mom’s adamant attitude to destroy the pregnancy led to a divorce. Emelia Acquah continued by saying that and angel had forewarned the father that her child will preach the word of God. He was reluctant and wanted the baby killed.

At age 18, she bagan preaching the word of God at Odorkor but subsequently suffered oppression. She was outside one day and she collapsed for three days. The lady was admitted at a hospital in Odorkor and was pronounced dead.

She saw her spirit leaving her body and an angel took her to heaven. The first heaven where she saw great men of God like prophet Kofi Oduro and Reverend Nana Yaw Sarfoh. In hell she also saw politicians.

In conclusion, the angel stated that these are the few men who are doing the work of God. Anyone who says may God Bless you is a block laid in heaven for you. That is used to build for you in heaven and its only your good deeds that will bring you to heaven.

You can watch the full video below

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