I sincerely apologise for my defamatory publication – Adom-Boakye to Eugene Arhin

Maame Afua Adom-Boakye has rendered an apology to the Director of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin.

Madam Adom-Boakye was served notice by solicitors of Mr Arhin on Tuesday to retract and apologise for a defamatory publication made against their client.

According to the lawyers, the offender, in a Facebook post on October 23, stated: “..as far as I am concerned, Eugene Arhin is a thief. Until an independent probe is launched into his dealings to prove otherwise, no one can tell me his ex-wife’s claims are false.

“But will that ever happen? Absolutely not. Because amassing wealth through illicit means comes with the job. Almost everyone is doing it. And yes, there’s no one under God’s sun who can write memos and speeches for the President but him.”

But she has compiled since Mr Arhin’s lawyers served her a notice to retract and apologise before Thursday, October 28, 2021, or be sued.

I sincerely apologise for my defamatory publication - Adom-Boakye to Eugene Arhin

In a letter addressed to the Managing partner of Marfo & Associates, Gary Nimako Marfo Esq, the offender wrote, “I wish to sincerely apologise to your client – Mr Eugene Arhin – for the Facebook post I made on October 23 2021.”

Maame Afua Adom-Boakye further explained that her post was misinterpreted by Mr Arhin.

She, however, admitted that her allegations cannot be proved since the Director of Communications has not been found guilty of stealing anything in Ghana or elsewhere.

“Accordingly, I retract the post together (both here and on Facebook) with any untrue imputation which they may carry in respect of him,” she added.

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