“I struggled for 6 years to be able to return to Ghana from the USA” – Lady shares heartbreaking story of how her brother used “juju” to prevent her from returning to Ghana


A Ghanaian woman has shared the troubles she had to go through to he able to return to Ghana from the USA after her own brother prevented her from coming by juju on her.

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The woman revealed she established a business back in Ghana and surprisingly, anytime she tried to return to Ghana to check on her business, she, without any reason changed her mind.

She revealed when she was finally able to return to the country, if not for the grace of God and constant prayers, she would not have been able to enter the business premises.

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She then adviced people to not trust anyone, no matter your relationship with the person because people are wicked. She said a friend of hers even adviced her on that but she did not believe a trusted person could do anything bad to her till it happensled to her.

Watch the video below.

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