I used to Bonk four women a day – Morris Babyface


Music producer Max Morris Twumasi aka Morris BabyFace has opened up on his past immoral life in an interview.

Speaking on a show dubbed Restoration, Morris said there was a time in his life that he was averagely sleeping with 4 different women daily.

He told the host Stacey that, fame has its own difficulty and people are usually destroyed by fame.

At a point, I realized being a womanizer wasn’t a good thing. I knew my mother was praying for me for a change of mind and direction but I came to the realization that it all depended on me and I could die at any time.

People think I exaggerate but it’s true I used to sleep with four women a day. The devil will make you think you’re smart. It was that bad. I believe if I weren’t saved by grace, by now, I would have exceeded that limit,” he revealed. 

He added “I could fast and pray for redemption but just when I’m about to break the fast, one of the girls would call and I’d ask her to come over; we’ll have sex and the fast would be nullified.

He said during the interview. Morris babyface bas produced notable songs in Ghana which became national hit songs.

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