“I want loyal stay at home husband from Africa, I will take care of you”- UK woman states the kind of man she wants


A UK woman has stated the kind of man she wants for herself in a video she made on Tiktok.

According to @goodybagg_ as she is identified on Tiktok, she doesn’t want a man who works. She wants a stay at home husband for herself.


She made it clear that she will take care of the man herself because she is a self built woman. She has already done the hardwork.

She also stated that the man she wants must be loyal and that she will extend her money to his family back in Africa.

She revealed a lot of Nigerian, Ghanaian and other African men are already in her DMS.

“I need to be the one looking after you, you need to stay at home. I don’t want you to work, I don’t want you to sweat, I have done all the sweating already. I will extend my money to your family back in Africa”

Watch the video below and listen to her;


Tell me why I should Choose you! Give me your strong reason.. #stayathomehusband #viral

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