“I have received over 4,000 messages from African men ever since I said I want a submissive man”- UK woman


The African lady living in the UK who recently went viral for her description on what she defines as a dream man is back with an update.

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In a fresh street interview with the same content creator, @preciousubani_ sighted on TikTok, the lady, who has been identified as Goodbag, revealed after she went viral, thousands of African men have flooded her DM.

The lady revealed she has gotten more than 4,000 messages from African men, especially men from Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, who are willing to be all that she described in her viral video.

She said she was shocked to know African men would want to be that submissive to a lady. She said most of them insulted her in the comment section but are begging her in her DM to be that submissive man to her.

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She then said these men are gold diggers who want to dig every gold with anything digable but the interesting part is, she said she has been able to streamline all the men to just about 10 people and hopefully, she will be able to pick one out of them.

She said, ” After the interview, my phone has been buzzing, more than 4,000 messages from men. I never knew Africans can be this submissive. I never knew they would even want something like this.”

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“African men have reached out to me. People from South Africa, people from Ghana, from Nigeria, to say the least. They are all in my DM begging for the same thing I was talking about but they were in the comment section insulting me.”

“African men can be submissive. If you think women are gold diggers, have you met men? The gender men. These people don’t just dig, they dig very very deep. They don’t dig with shovel, they dig with tractor, they dig with forklift. They dig with everything digable.’

See her update below.


4 thousand plus dms received so far from goodbag!!! Wow!!! #preciousubani_ #streetinterview #fypシ

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