“I will never wear bra because my breast are standing” – Efia Odo


Efia Odo the former TV presenter and actress on Delay’s show, recently opened up about her choice of dressing. When asked about rumors regarding her decision to not wear bras because she believes her breasts are less saggy and appealing, she confirmed that she indeed doesn’t wear bras.

Efia stated that she adopted her bra-free lifestyle because of her upbringing in America. She mentioned that in America, many people, including her friends, don’t wear bras, and it is considered normal. However, she acknowledged that this is not the case in Ghana, where wearing bras is more commonly practiced.


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“Not putting on bra is not a big deal for me because where i was raised in America my friends do not wear bra and it’s not a big deal ”.

Delay then quoted, “When you go to Rome, you do what Romans do,” and asked Afia Odo why she doesn’t follow this quote and do what’s necessary and right in Ghana since she’s here. However, Afia Odo still stood by her notion saying she simply dislike it.

“ I don’t want it it’s my personal choice “.

Delay also emphasized how Efia Odo’s choice to not wear a bra and expose her breasts attracts attention from people. However, Efia Odo defended her stance by saying…

“I’m not showing my breast, I’m not wearing bra not because I want to gain attention from people”.

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Delay also mentioned a social media comment she came across about Efia Odo’s breasts. According to Delay, people were saying that Efia Odo’s breasts have become depleted because she lets men suck on them. In response to this, Efia Odo said…

“My breast is nice it sits well, they are telling lies they should look at their mom’s breast.”she said