Meet Henry Fitz wife whom Serwaa Amihere allegedly slept with a Day after her wedding with Henry


Dela, the beautiful ex-wife of Henry Fitz is yet to comment on all the saga going on concerning her ex-husband and media personality, Serwaa Amihere.

It has been revealed that it was at the request of Dela that Henry hired Serwaa to MC at her wedding. Sadly, rumours have been going on that Serwaa slept with Henry the next day at the hotel he was lodging with Dela.



In a post by @thosecalledcelebs on Instagram, they shared a couple of videos of Dela and wrote that people thought Dela is no match for Serwaa but she is equally as pretty as Serwaa is and they both have a little resemblance.

@thosecalledcelebs captioned their post, “Dela, sorry for posting you here, but it is so s*ad … people thought u were nobody. That’s why Henry was given Serwaa 2500ghc aday …awwnnn Serwaa!”

“Woany3 ade3…I think she realised you have some resemblance, that’s why she wanted u in her BIG day… Delay kraaa resemble Hajia Mona kakra 0oo… Henry Serwaa, s3 I said I have not forgotten about you, la”

Check out Dela below.

“I have really lose respect for you since l saw your video”- Man tells Serwaa Amihere