‘Indeed true love exists’ – Man proposes to his girlfriend on her sick bed after an accident


A young man has warmed the hearts of many social media users after he proposes to his girlfriend who had an accident. The surprising part of it all is, he did it while the lady was in her sick bed.

Love indeed does not depend on appearance or state of the person but rather, what the heart entails for each other. Marriage proposal is one thing that is valued by almost every one on this planet especially to the ladies. They feel honored and find that day one of the happiest one in their life.

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For this reason, everyone wishes to someday fall in love with the love of their hearts that will further lead to marriage in order for them to spend the rest of their lives together. It works out for some people and unfortunately for others, their relationship fails along the way due to some reasons.

A young man has warmed the hearts of many people with his marriage proposal to his girlfriend on her sick bed. According to reports, the lady was involved in an accident that almost took away her life few weeks ago.

She sustain various degrees of injuries with the greater one being her leg. Even though her leg might not be the same after she fully recovers but that didn’t stop her kindhearted boyfriend from showing her the existence of true love.

The young man went ahead and proposed to the lady in a grandstyle at the hospital while in her sick bed. Yes indeed it came as a surprise to her because many men out there would have had a divided attention as to whether the lady is going to walk again or not. He ignored all these thoughts and went ahead to propose to the lady.

The young lady was seen sharing uncontrollable tears as the man came to her with the greatest surprise of her life. Am sure she might think she’s going to lose the man to another lady if she doesn’t look the same as before.

Source: cbgist.com

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