Inside Maps’ Expensive Vacation.


Popular South African TV personality and businessman Maps Maponyane has taken some time out of Mzansi.

The model is currently having the best time of his life in Rwanda on a vacation.

Maps gave his fans a glimpse inside his trip, he shared few snaps of himself enjoying different activities from attending a Basketball game in the capital city of Rwanda, visiting the king’s palace, and many more.

“The King’s Palace! Only a short while away from Kigali, in Nyanza, the King’s Palace Museum @rwandamuseums is home to the residence of the last King of Rwanda and a reconstruction of the traditional King’s Palace – A beautifully crafted thatched dwelling shaped like a beehive. @visitrwanda_now @thebal #visitrwanda #TheBAL” He wrote after visiting the King’s Palace.

Game On! Ready for the historical inaugural Basketball Africa League final in Kigali today!? @thebal #TheBAL.” He shared on his visit to the Basketball game in the capital city of Rwanda.

Maps took to Instagram to celebrate his mother’s birthday few weeks ago. He penned down a lengthy heart-warming post about his queen mother.

“We have so many pictures together and although I’m not visible in this one, it’s probably my favorite one of us, purely because of the look on your face filled with delight and love you consistently show me, is embodied by this singular moment. Each time you look up at me I think of all you’ve done for me and remember how all I want to do is honor you keep making you proud. Happy Birthday, Mama Meisie!” He wrote.

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