Israel attacks Iran on the birthday of Iran’s supreme leader


Israel has conducted a retaliatory military operation against Iran, and tensions are rising. Iran responded with air defense batteries after reported explosions near a military airbase as reported by CNN

U.S. officials have confirmed the strike, and President Joe Biden was informed beforehand that it would happen within the next 48 hours. Israel assured the U.S. that they would not target Iranian nuclear facilities. CNN reported


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The Israeli military hasn’t commented, and Iran hasn’t identified the source of the attack. Iranian air defenses intercepted three drones, and there were also reported blasts near an army base in Isfahan province.

Residents in Isfahan were seen walking near landmarks like Naqsh-e Jahan square and the Zayandeh Rud river. Traffic in the city was reported as normal.

Isfahan airport was operating normally, despite earlier airport closures in the country. In Tabriz, where air defenses were activated, there was normal traffic and people enjoying parks and streets.

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Calling Israel a menace and a threat to the world.

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Israel attacks Iran on the birthday of Iran's supreme leader