Jeremiah Chooses Beautiful Maria Over 9 Other Ladies: Disappoints Fatima


Season 5 Date rush program to find a date by 10 beautiful ladies

First guy on the show is Jeremiah the reggae dancehall musician

Fatima who has appeared on the show was disappointed

The stage was once again set and this round it was the turn of the 10 Ladies to appear and decide which type of guy would be their dream guy. The beautiful females had their preferences. Whiles some preferred tall and handsome guys, others revealed they are not interested in looks but guys they bond with.

Jeremiah aka 300 Spartan, a dancehall musician was the first guy to appear on the show prospecting to get a date.

He indicated that he was also an auto mechanic currently working on his music craft with two albums. Before his introduction, the ladies were asked what do men really want?

The season 5 date rush ladies gave varying answers. Fatima answered that men want confident and independent ladies whiles Khadijah also answered that men want a secured place, a place they belong. Cilla responded by saying men want peace, understanding and no stress.

Joanna believes that men want a hardworking, supportive, God fearing and a lady who can do it. Bibi opined that, men want God-fearing, truthful and above all security. Ruth also was of the impression men want caring, educated and God-fearing ladies. Akusika answered that men love God-fearing ladies and a good cook.

Gloria hinted that with this confused generation it was really difficult to tell but she thinks men want a submissive, good communicator and above all peace of mind. Maria asserted guys want a God-fearing and beautiful lady.

Jeremiah found his date and that was Maria who he thinks answered his question very well.

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