Junior Pope’s last words before he died


The last video Junior Pope shared on social media has also been linked to be his last words before his unfortunate demise. Pope was wearing a green attire and was sitting in the same boat the accident reportedly happened with other crew members whiles he recorded the video.

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Pope was talking about the risks they go through to entertain viewers and lamenting about the fact there were no life jackets available for them. He kept telling the captain to take time because he has three children to raise.

He captioned the video, “See me lamenting…..The risk we take to entertain you; crossing river 9ja yesterday with no lifejacket….. Na wahoooooo. …. Who does that ??”

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His last words from the video were, “abeg no vex bros, you hear, no vex. Baba you dey laugh. Na only me dem born oo, na only me dem born. I get three children, na me go raise them. I get three children na me go raise them ooo.”

“Bros abeg, oh Jesus what is this. Bros abeg now, abeg. I get three children na me go raise them. Abeg, take am small small. So this is a risk. Swag nation see the risk we take (it’s ok like this abeg, don’t speed).”

“See the risk we take people to entertain you. Life on the right on the River 9ja. Whoa whoa, this water dey hot under. Eno go burst abi? Swag nation, na lie, my taste all comot oo. I’m not joking.”

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“The risk we take to entertain you. I am begging the captain that I’m the only child, and I have three boys I’ll raise them so captain God bless you. He has calm down with the speed. Swag nation, haha, yes ooo.”

Unfortunately, few hours after he shared that video, the boat capsized drowning him and some members of the crew. His body was retrieved but he reportedly gave up the ghost at the hospital. May his soul rest in peace.

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