Just Within two hours of rain in Kumasi submerges the newly built Kejetia market and cars; thousands of properties destroyed


Kumasi Kejetia market submerges in just within two hours

Building stores everywhere and indiscriminate disposal of refuse is really a cause of concern during this rainy season. The bad nature of Africans in doing things has resulted in this.

Once again, city authorities will be going round inspecting the damage caused by the old to buildings and roads. Permit issued to individuals to build on water ways us a major factor.

Until the leaders sit up and do the right things issues of such nature will continue to bedevil us as a nation.

In Kumasi, the state of various drainage systems in the city, especially as we draw closer to the rainy season when flooding become prevalent is an eye sore.

The provision of a robust drainage system is key to curbing the perennial flooding across the country. With the establishment of the new Kejetia market, many were those who thought proper measures hace been put in place.

As government continues to invest in the construction of robust drainage systems in Kumasi and other parts of the country, citizens are admonished to collaborate and desist from engaging in indiscriminate disposal of solid waste and also cease building on the waterways which are major causes of flooding in the country.

Kejetia market and some parts of Adum are flooded heavily in less than five hours of raining. Heavy vehicles and the wares of traders have all submerged.

Properties and valuables amounting to a huge cost is either damaged or destroyed by the water.

You can watch the video below

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