Lady accounted caught red handed on camera after pastor fixed camera to know what happens to the offering


We come across many different people in life and we don’t get along with each and every person. There are people who are our biggest critics and find fault in everything we do.

There are situations where we have a choice to remove those people from our lives but sometimes this disapproval comes from those who are a part of our surroundings.

It can be your family member, an accountant, a relative, an usher, a colleague or anyone else that you cannot avoid.

There is a viral video which is disseminating on social media platforms. This video seeks to uncover what a woman who is a very trusted accountant to a pastor doing his offering after church.

According to the sharer of the video, this pastor has been experiencing a very low amount of money anytime the offertory is counted by her accountant. This made him suspicious as he installed a camera in the church. This camera caught his accountant picking some of the money and hiding it in her brassiere.

You can watch the video below

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