Lady sleeps with 300 men in 5 months to buy an SUV and iPhone 12


The love for Luxury things is causing many young ladies to do the unthinkable in this generation.

Most of these young ladies does not like to work hard to get those things on their own hence using their body to get it by all means just to show off on social media.

In today’s unbearable story, a Twitter user has narrated how a lady slept with 300 men to buy an SUV and iPhone 12.

@ani_berny who disclosed that she was eavesdropping at a lounge, said she heard a lady tell her friend that she bought the car and the iPhone after meeting her target of sleeping with 300 men in 5 months. 

The Twitter user added that the lady further revealed that she is now celibate for the rest of the year to regain herself. 

See what our future wives are doing. It is well.


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