Lady who stayed in Andrew’s house for 6 days counters friend of the deceased as she shares her story


Rachael, a lady who was held hostage by Andrew Amaechi, for six days and managed to escape from being killed has shared her story.

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This lady was on a live video session with Ben, a man who is alleged to be Andrew’s friend and two other people, Harrison and Daddy Freeze, and revealed what happen when she was held hostage.

She said Andrew was recording her so many times and was sending the videos to someone whom she suspects is Ben but Ben denied being the one whom Andrew was sending the videos to.

According to Rachael , the day Andrew wanted to k!ll her, he removed knives and two sharp objects covered in nylon and told her he was going to harvest her organs and then cut off her head so that people will think he used her for r!tuals.

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Rachael said Andrew told her he was into rituals but rather into organ haversting so why is his friend, Ben defending him that he is not into those stuff and Ben said he knows Andrew is not an organ harvester.

When asked how come he has the videos of Rachael Andrew recorded when he was held hostage at his house, he found a way to divert the question and talked about something else.

Rachael then revealed Andrew said he was working with a blogger and was sending information to her contacts, including her mum and was also passing a lot of information to Ben.

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On how Rachael met Andrew, she said they started talking online last year and Andrew told her he was based in the UK. She revealed Andrew appeared to be a responsible man because he used to advice her a lot.

She revealed Andrew later told her he will be flying down to Nigeria for his mum’s birthday party and would love her to be there so he even sent her transportation of 50k and added the hotel address which was the same hotel he took Afiba and Celine.

When the day finally came, she met Andrew at the hotel and he told her to accompany him to pick a present for his mum at market square so they set off to market square but Andrew took another road and told her he wants to take her to their family house so his sister fix her makeup for her.

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Rachael revealed immediately they got to Andrew’s house, she tried to update her friend where she was and she was suddenly punched on the face by Andrew. Shocked, she asked him what that punch was for.

Andrew responded by saying he hates her and if she wants to go home safe, she should do everything he tells her to do and then went ahead to take her phones and started responding to her Instagram and WhatsApp messages.

This makes Rachael believe that the chats Andrew posted between himself and Celine were orchestrated by Andrew and it’s all lies. She said Andrew tried to forcefully sleep with her but she was in her period so he tired to do it through the back but was unable to.

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Andrew then began to torture her every two to three hours for 6 days before she managed to escape with bruises all over her body. She revealed when she was able to escape, she reported the incident to the Port Harcourt police and she was directed to the anti kidnapping department.

That department told her to pay N200k before they handled the case but she found out her account has been emptied by Andrew and she tried reaching out to other people for help but she didn’t get any help and only a few friends gave her a listening ear.

Watch the video below;

Video credit: Instagram

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