Land documents show Fella is the owner of Medikal’s East Legon house


More and more details of the life of Medikal and his wife keeps making it’s way to the internet following their decision to divorce and Fella reporting him to the police.

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Some land documents with the name of both Medikal and Fella shows that Medikal bought the land and added the name of Fella to it as co-owner, a move Medikal has so far described as a mistake.

The indenture for the land, which is dated August 2015 has only Fella Makafui’s name, which makes her the sole owner of the land and possibly the owner of the house should incase one has to claim the house.

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In a video shared by Medikal, the rapper revealed he added Fella’s name to the papers because of their daughter, Island. Reason being that, in case of the unfortunate, his daughter and wife would not have issues with his extended family.

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