“She’s looking for the ring” – Showboy mocks Medikal with video of Fella cruising on a Jetski in Dubai


Showboy is not showing any sign of mercy to Medikal at all as he releases some video of Fella Makafui to mock the rapper once again.

Medikal and Fella Makafui’s marriage hits bottom rock as both parties announce their decision to separate from each other.


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Their divorce is however not the main problem to many but the manner in which things are escalating at a faster pace is what many are worried about.

In a deep revelation days ago, Medikal had claimed Fella Makafui returned from a trip to Dubai without her wedding ring with the excuse that it fell into the water.

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Showboy in a bid to mock Medikal, shared a video of Fella Makafui cruising in Dubai and claimed his his caption that the actress is searching for the missing ring.

“Fella is looking for the ring mdk Dey sea mouth Dey drink flat tummy tea Dey wai” he wrote

Watch the video below:

Fella Makafui Cruising Boat in Dubai, Showboy says she is looking for her wedding ring.

Watch the video here