Mahama was better than Akuffo Addo; Avraham Ben Moshe finally Declares


The leader and founder of common sense family Avraham Ben Moshe has lashed out at politicians especially the two leading political parties with Their leaders.

He opined that “the country is been destroyed by politicians, Pastors, chiefs and some actors. Ex president Mahama indicated over 70 percent of Ghanaians pay indirect taxes but only few that is the 30 percent pay direct taxes.

If Mahama and his predecessors had built jobs, we would have been employed to pay direct taxes. A military senior officer called to caution me that Avraham be careful because your life is in danger.

If you want to Kill me, do so I am tired. You are all cowards and are afraid to speak truth to power, I am not afraid will lambast them.

You go for loan of $28 million to pay purchase cars for parliamentarians, you are very stupid to do so. I Have been cautioned to restrain myself and avoid insults.

Our leaders demand respects. But using $28 million to purchase cars and $3.5 to also buy cars for council of states you are all fools. You don’t deserve respect.

You wicked people don’t respect us so we also don’t respect we Those who give you the mandate. You are really a mess. Are we suppose to serve you, or you to serve us?

Bawumia is receiving GHc39397, Samira receives GHc323832, Akuffo Addo is receiving GH47277 and madam Rebecca receives GHc33270. If this is not shear wickedness then what it is. infact Mahama was far better than Akuffo Addo.”

You can watch the video below

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