Meet Nakku, a young Kenyan woman who is proving that farming should be taken seriously in Africa


Nakku Justine, A Kenyan lady is showing continuously that farming can be a profitable profession for Africans if taken seriously.

Nakku became viral after appearing on the Nigerian news site “Nigerian Camera“. Back in 2016 and built on that to become a well known model in Kenya.

At 30, Nakku is still young and energetic and despite her fame as a model, She decided to engage herself into farming projects.

As such she vent into production of dairy, cabbage, grains, carrots, and chicken, among other things on a profitable 6 acres farm located in her native Country, Kenya.

Nakku working on her farm

It is indeed no more a secret that Africans do not like the idea of investing into Agriculture with everyone interested in gaining employment in a highly reputable company that would pay them ridiculous amount of money sitting in offices.

The sad part of it is that most people do not even get quarter of the amount they desired to be paid but just have to do it since they feel reluctant to get themselves into farming.

However the works of Nakku has exposed us once again and showed us the way that farming is one of the main thing we are sleeping on in the continent.

And that is the best solution to the high unemployment rate in almost all parts of the continent now.

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